Sunday, March 26, 2017

Thai Sapphire

Another slow day, and one robbed of an hour. Lorraine and I very washed out still, especially Lorraine. We rallied enough to get up and paint the front door, a colour called Thai Sapphire, which is a dark blue with a hint of red. I like it. We have to give it a second coat at some point. I spoke to Mas and to Toby today, successfully flown over from Canada last night. By chance a group of his pals (aka the Rabbits) were having a reunion not far from Mum's house, so he turned up out of the blue with a suitcase. Today he and Mum had been wandering in Hampstead.

Tobs and Mum off to Gerald's funeral tomorrow. Then back home on Tuesday. He and the Romster are moving into their old house on Thursday which has been rebuilt to groovy new specifications, which is really exciting.

A nice supper today, and Betty home for the evening, saying the door looked very blue. Early to bed, after gingerly replacing the door knocker and letter flap. A full week next week.

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