Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sole watching

The gloom and general out-of-sorts-nessthat afflicted me over the last week or so rapidly abating. Work okay, and Keith and I had something purposeful to do all day. Worked in an area (they have no seats for us so have to wander about the building) where there was natural light from above, the glass floor above. Watched people's feet from below, their soles the only thing properly visible. And had a few laughs.

A hot day today, and we walked into the nearby precinct and ate in the outside in the sun. I had a rather good bowl of udon noodles.

The work we are doing has gone down well. We were asked back next week, but this was then reversed and I picked up an email on the way home which released me and Keith back into the wild, so tomorrow is our last day. Can't say I'm too sorry about this. Now waiting on another job I should hear about tomorrow.

Home late, and Lorraine had a parent's evening, and we went to the Preston Park Tavern and had a bite there and a couple of glasses of beer. Feeling happier than I have felt in a long while this evening, and just enjoying time with Lorraine.

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