Thursday, March 16, 2017

In and out of the fog

A good morning's writing, although Lorraine called me on the way to work saying Dawn's mum had died. I texted Dawn for both of us while Lorraine was driving. It had not been a surprise, and she had family all around her when she went at home.

Personally, I was feeling clearer in the head today. I have been in a bit of a mental fog all week due to Gerald's death and Andy's death and beginning to get twitchy about money. But a week's work has arrived for next week, thanks to my pal Keith, which offers welcome boost to the Kenny coffers, and with a new client to boot.

Then off to the gym, also much needed after being locked indoors for the last two days. Walked down with Betty who was also off to her gym for a frenzied personal trainer workout. We left in sunshine, Betty in shades, and by the time we reached Preston Circus we had walked into the cold sea fog which was covering most of the City and crept back to cover the whole town later. I've never known a  winter here with so much fog and mist.

I then went to buy five lots of keys for the new door. And was educated on the types and varieties of keys, and the new non-standard keys coming from China. Then to the gym a quick 35 minute workout then I undid all my good work by going to visit Janet and Ken and sharing eccles cakes and other fancies I'd bought en route. Janet cheery as they move in two weeks. Ken looking well and had recently been on a long uphill walk, a feat only to be encouraged by after recent events.

Home and did a bit more writing in the evening, on poems this time, and filled in a couple of freelancer forms for the place I am working at.

A long and difficult week for Lorraine this week. I cooked and then made the mistake of trying the new keys in the door. The keys are all find, but the deadlock does not line up with the hole in the door frame. A schoolboy error, which made me feel cheesed off, on what had (Dawn's mum aside) been a better day.

To bed early.

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