Monday, March 06, 2017

Fleas, pigs and lost time

Started early, after Lorraine had brought me some tea in bed. Cleaned catsick off the floor, did laundry and discovered this morning that something had bitten me about a dozen times around my knee. I suspect a knee flea. De-fleaed the cats later. Calliope calm about it, Brian acting as if we were trying to murder him.

Started work for my French friends about pigs, which only took an hour and so wasn't much of a swine. Then writing a long to do list, and as other mooted work did not appear, I was able to happily begin work on the children's novel at nine.  

I broke off  to go to the gym, where I had a good workout but managed to drop my watch while getting changed. It landed perfectly face down on a hard surface and the second hand broke and some of the numerals fell off too. Second hand and three ones sliding about over the watch face.

Home, and worked on for a while, then did cooking. Lorraine tired from work. Me also tired. Another Monday.

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