Friday, March 24, 2017

In favour

Final push up to London for the week. Feeling very tired. However an easier day working with Keith, and a Danish woman called Marie, on a new brief. Marie disturbed by our process, a mixture of spleen and wildly hilarious flights of fancy. Heard the work we'd been doing till last night had gone down well with the client, and had rescued the agency from a tricky position. So Keith and I in favour for now. Also contacted by another agency about an interesting writing job in the pipeline.

Went to The Marquis Cornwallis for a fish finger sandwich lunch, with a beer. Really enjoyed working with Keith again, although both of us felt ill this week. I don't laugh with anyone as much as I do with him at work. Laughing at lunch, over our fish finger sandwiches. Then afternoon passed slowly, fiddling with a few ideas.

Trains delayed again, just missed one at St Pancras, and the next one delayed, and then further delayed due to trespassers on the track somewhere. At some point a person with all their belongings in a rucksack, who looked like they had been sleeping rough, sat nest to me. Poor guy, although his aroma did sum up the week's travel.

Arrived at Hateful Heath almost 40 minutes late and caught a cab to Bolney where, having disembarked and walked through the graveyard under the stars and into the school for the PTA quiz night. Lorraine waving at me from the table, and I was handed a pint of beer as I waked in. Unlike last year's travesty, we were in a full team this time and the questions weren't all about Bolney. We won, and it was all quite friendly and cheery. Lorraine drove us home and we arrived after midnight. Exhausted, but happy to be home.

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