Thursday, March 09, 2017

Gerald seriously ill

Worked this morning on the novel, then learned that next week's work in London had been cancelled, for the second week in a row. Quite keen now to earn some money. I went into town to the gym,  and was walking to see Helen for an afternoon working on the Centaur project.  

As I left the gym Toby messaged me, and told me that Gerald had been given 24 hours to live. Gerald is our stepfather, who I have been estranged from for many years. Toby has had a much closer relationship with him, and Mum has seen Gerald lately and made her peace. He has not been well lately, and all who are close to him are hoping that it is over soon.  Stopped for a coffee on the way to Helen's to digest this information. Obviously I wish his suffering to me brief, and his death to be as easy as possible. 

Then off to Helen where she played me the new section of the opera on her sibelius software, and then played a section which is a bit of a lament, on piano which was utterly gorgeous.

A bus home and a chat with Mum, who had gone to see Gerald, but who was not conscious. She had seen him recently however. 

Cooked and Lorraine and I had a quiet evening. I got ready for Andy's funeral tomorrow in Cornwall.

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