Thursday, March 23, 2017


Lorraine not having to get up, and I walked down to the Preston Park station, passing the Preston Park Hotel where the madman who drove into people on Westminster Bridge had been staying, apparently going about his business in a pleasant and cheerful way.

A busy day, finalising everything for Adrian's big client presentation tomorrow. Cat herding going on, and found myself being given a new job at 6, but this then melted away. Liking the people in this agency though.

More train cancellations etc. so I didn't get home till about nine thirty. Sank gratefully into the gold sofa, had some food and a can of beer, chatted to my lovely wife and then simply went to bed.

Searching for the perfect image from online photo libraries. Keith in his Chewy teeshirt, and a cheerful Scouse art director Paul.

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