Sunday, March 05, 2017

A cozy afternoon

Up, in a creaky way after gym work and spadework, and Lorraine assembled a bread and butter pudding and we drove off to Steyning. Stopped in the Sussex Produce Shop to buy Dawn some flowers, and eye the wealth of pies they have there, before spending the afternoon with Dawn, changeable weather outside, and us all cozy in her front room with flames dancing in her wood burning stove, with her view out the back across the village green to the Downs. She cooked us a lovely salmon in pastry dish from a Jamie recipe, and then I engulfed some bread and butter pudding (which as eny fule kno is one of the allowable puddings) made by my wife's own fair hand. Dawn said she would be happy to read my book when it was done, and perhaps give it to some of the better readers at school. I did take earlier versions into Downs school, thanks to Dawn, and the Children's feedback was incredibly useful.

Fond farewells with Dawn, then home, where I did some of my list of overdue things, and Lorraine prepared an assembly about telling the truth. Then it was the haven of Sunday night TV, and the Call The Midwife show that Lorraine loves, because it is about nurses in London. The birth scenes all too convincing for my liking. Then SS:GB also on BBC1, which is set in a Nazi occupied London. I do enjoy a spot of alternate history, and this isn't bad. Although as my friend Marilyn mentioned on Facebook, if you want to know what the UK looked like under Nazi rule, they did it in the Channel Islands.

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