Friday, March 03, 2017

A quiet breakthrough

Worked out at last how to replace a section towards the end of my story, with a much better bit. Although hard to explain to anyone else,  for me this was a big step forward and I felt a cheeriness about it. Spoke to Mum, did some billing,  and chatted to Sonia about going to the gym.

The gym curiously empty, and I felt good for trundling in there.  Sumo'd it in the showers there too, ad I had cunningly brought more clothes. Afterwards I sat in the ideologically unsound Starbucks and did some excellent work on a few new scenes for the book. Also there was some news from my French friends, and the work I was doing for them recently on a pitch was won, so I'm still big and clever. Other bits of freelance being dangled around. Then a pacy walk home, feeling strangely full of manly vigour, just in time for Lorraine to arrive, sneezing with early hay fever, and we slid off to the Preston Park Tavern for a quick bite to eat, before sliding back to the attractions of the gold sofa.

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