Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The solace of midweek woof woofs

My mood much better, and I felt more energetic and cheerful. I was also able to leave work a few minutes early so got the earlier train. Sadly almost finished the Julian Cope book now. Reading his humorous and honest account of general rock and roll madness was somehow weirdly refreshing. It is the first time I've read an actual book, other than poetry books, on the train for a while, usually preferring to listen to audiobooks. I will have to go back to Gogol again after this interlude.

Spoke to Lorraine on the train, and Mum as I walked towards the Joker where I met Anton for a very overdue pint and bowls of woof woof wings and curly fries. Great to see him, and generally talk about several things that needed talking about. Sloped up the hill afterwards, after Anton caught a taxi home. Lorraine still awake after a slightly hideous day at work.

The weekend is in sight now. A long time since the ticking of the days off in the week has seemed so important. No idea if I'll be working tomorrow or next week yet. Another job on the horizon waiting to be confirmed too. I'm all about the Kenny coffers at the moment.

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