Friday, March 31, 2017

Be careful what you wish for

A delicious lightness and sense of freedom this morning on the way to work. Reading Violence by the   philosopher Slavoj Žižek which is quite entertaining. A warm day, and cheerfully anticipating being released back into the wild. Bumped into Slug on the way to work and we arranged to meet up at lunchtime in the Marquis Cornwallis pub near both the agencies.

So having sent out a call to the universe for a bit of cash, instead of being let go, Keith and I were offered two months more work. Then we heard the stuff we'd been working on this week had gone down brilliantly with the client, and our stock is high. Keith and I went to discuss our options in the pub and decided to go for it, as this will soothe the Kenny coffer concerns in one hit and Keith felt he couldn't turn it down either. Both of us a bit rueful though as other projects will have to go on hold, such as finishing my blinking book which is so close.

Having communicated this to the agency, I went back to the pub to meet Slug and Karam, and other Tavistock Square chums. A feeling like a proper agency creative again, which is bittersweet. Then back to the agency, a bit of extra negotiation, then the agency had some free drinks in the office at 4 seeing as it was the last day of the month, and I made off home.

Arrived in Brighton (eventually) and found Lorraine on London Road and we went for dinner at Semolina restaurant with Lorraine's headteacher pal Penny and her jeweller husband Steve. By ten, however, I was keeping my eyes ajar with matchsticks.  Nice meal, and nice folks who were kind enough to give us a lift back up the hill.

The apparently inescapable agency bear.

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