Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Slightly unbearable

Up at six this morning, and feeling perky. Made porridge and tea, Lorraine kindly drove me to the station and off to London. Doing some work on the train. When I finished doing this, I realised I was feeling nauseous. Luckily I was sitting by the toilet, so felt reassured that if I needed to spew there was somewhere to do it. Into work, and felt sick all morning, struggling on with the brief with Keith, who was also under the weather.

The briefest of pop out to the local pret a manger for a roll then back to it. A lengthy presentation, in which I didn't do too well, to round the day off. Feeling hot and sweaty today. Still, I have been offered another week's work there after this one, which is a boon.

Heard from Carl today, that Rory, his brother, is seriously ill. I told him about Gerald.

Home, passing several armed police inside St Pancras Station. Did some work on the train for my French friends. Luckily Lorraine collected me as she had been late at school due to a parent's meeting. Home, speaking to Laura who was in her car. She and Beth had been out hunting pokemon, and found a pokemon gym apparently. I don't know what this means, but I think it is good.

Lorraine cooked a very fast stir fry and we went to bed very early.

Menaced by a stuffed bear on a slightly unbearable day.

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