Thursday, March 02, 2017

Stolen sausage

World book day. Lorraine off to school in a onesie and dressing gown, being a book at bedtime and looking sweet. I went up to London today, mercifully not in a onesie. Reading Peter and Wendy on the train however, (doing some background reading for the story I am writing). Surprised by the psychological and flirty undercurrent to the story published in 1913. I'd never read this before. And the setup is quite interesting. Some interesting imaginative leaps.

Off to Strand on the Green to my dentist. She was a bit late, and then did x-rays, and found a filling to do. I had to book another appointment, luckily there was a cancellation in half an hour so I mooched about some of my old haunts for a few minutes, snapped the photos below from Kew Bridge, and then had the filling. Feeling a bit stressed lately, and found the whole process a bit more claustrophobic that usual. Luckily Lucinda is very pleasant and she has been my dentist for decades so all was well. A bill of £190.

Released back into the wild, I made my way up to Stanmore to spend time with Mum and Mas. They collected me from Stanmore and after some debate mum drove us to Borehamwood to a New York Italian chain there. The pesky thing had closed down. Then another drive, not of the most relaxing sort, till we went to the Chinese place we'd been to before, where we were the last lunchtime customers. Not had Chinese food for a while, and did some steady chopstick work there and a bit of a chat, carefully eating on one side of my mouth only.

Then Mum drove us home. Walking with Mas down the path, I felt some gritty stuff in my mouth which I thought was my filling falling out, but I think was just some random almalgum left in my mouth. We had some tea, then I got their new Wifi going which took about ten times more time than it should have done on my back under Mason's desk among dead sea scrolls etc. I hope it still works in the morning. This to the accompaniment of George their next door neighbour spending well over an hour hammering a small and utterly pointless divide between Mum and Mason door and his own, that he had already installed. Mystifying.

Fond farewells to Mas, Mum walked me towards the station for a bit. A slow journey to Victoria, but bought myself a cheering cup of tea (on the third attempt from various outlets) before heading home. Cramped in the train, with an elbowy man next to me and a cat mewing piteously behind me all the way to Brighton. Taxi from Brighton station, and home at last just before ten. Lorraine had gone to bed early, so I went up to chat to her, then came downstairs. She had left me a couple of sausages and some beans to snack on. However one of the cats (Brian is chief suspect) had stolen a sausage from the frying pan, and eaten a hole in it.

Went to bed after drinking a small bottle of beer, beans and one and a half sausages but having walked over 14 thousand paces today, so that was good.

Below schoolchildren by Oliver's Island, and the view from Kew Bridge.

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