Tuesday, March 07, 2017

In the groove

Groundhog day, but in a good way. I'm in a productive groove from first thing to breaking off after six hours to walk for almost two. Did so without a jacket or a coat, as it was a lovely fresh but not cold day.  Beth, who was home today, and I then started filling in forms for Edinburgh registration. Or at least Beth did lots of it because she is competent and has more patience, and I sat in a chair  umming and ahing. We still don't know if Dylan can work with us in the summer as he may have an exciting new offer. Spoke to Mum who had a nice weekend, seeing some of their pals.

Working through my backlog of things, conscious that I will be losing Friday to go to Cornwall.

Really grateful to have this time to work and walk. It is paying off, although it feels more mentally draining than my usual work. With the exercise I am going to bed physically and mentally tired. Kenny coffers playing on my mind a bit, but I have some work pencilled in for next week up in Tavistock Square, which will be really helpful if it comes through.

Thinking about Romy today who is having an eye operation this week.

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