Monday, April 30, 2012

Zombie Gunship

To London, and finishing off the pitch work I was involved in before those presenting it zoomed off to Zurich. I had a leisurely sandwich from Waitrose, and a slightly lower key afternoon, with only the  photographs the innards of people with ulcerative colitis to distract me.

I finished Solar by Ian McEwan yesterday. Well written, and a comic novel which made me guffaw once while listening to it. Noticed McEwan's trick of slowing the action down for humorous effect, so that something that took a few seconds spreads over pages.  This wore a bit thin for me, but McEwan is generally fantastic I think.

Instead, I spent the journey home playing Zombie Gunship, an app I downloaded where you shoot at zombies from a big plane. The zombies are chasing handfuls of people as they try to escape into a bunker. Your job is to clear the way for them by slaughtering zombies. I combined this ultraviolence with listening to classical music. Felt a strange serenity sweep over me as I slaughtered the tiny antlike Zombie hoards on my iPhone.

Called by a potential new client on the way home. We agreed to work together at the beginning of the year, but nothing followed. Welcome work may be arriving soon.

Home before eight. Spoke to Anton, Mum and, once home, to Max about her forthcoming wedding. She is seeking advice about bands and music. Not strictly from me, but through my connections to Lorraine, and Lorraine's connections via Beth to a world of young folks. Supper with Lorraine on the sofa, and then a half hour dose of Match of the Day before bed.

Turns out April was the wettest April since records began, and we are still in drought.


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter,

Glad to see you're enjoying Zombie Gunship :)

Peter Kenny said...

Thank you Serban. A lovely game, although when I close my eyes after I paly it, I can see little zombie hordes. Is this normal?