Monday, April 09, 2012


Betty off to Spain this morning, to holiday with Sam and her Dad. When Lorraine returned from dropping her off in the station, we got busy painting our bedroom with a leaf green wall, and painting over cold mauves and blues with white. I have always been quite affected by colour, and greens on the whole make me feel content.

Lorraine and I busy painting and prepping most of the day, which is just as well for it was a typically English Bank Holiday, cold and raining most of the day. Lorraine tuned the radio to Classic FM which had its anual reader's poll of the nation's favourite classical music. We listened to it for hours and I was introduced to one or two pieces that I loved. It was an education.

Ended the day sipping a rum, orange juice and rum drink on the gold sofa, well satisfied with the day's work, as I watched Chelsea achieve a disappointing draw against Fulham on the TV. We slept in Beth's room tonight, which mightily confused the cats.

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