Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cardboard in the rain

Dreamt I was a shaman last night who was able to magically fix other people's problems. Lorraine and I both had bad night's sleep, with the evil black cat and Brian having their 5 am fight through the cat flap.

Working on my New Idea today which is beginning to take shape excellently.

Late afternoon, and I took myself to the gym for a long workout. Then at 5:45 to Klaudia and Oksar's school with the intention of walking them home, feeding them, and putting them to bed before Anton got back from work. This plan thrown into chaos when I realised at 5:44 that I had left Anton's keys at my home.

Meanwhile Klaudia and Oskar had been busy constructing very important sellotaped cardboard things to be taken home. As soon as we stepped outside it began to rain, and Oskar had to be sent back in for his coat. As we walked out Oksar's construction began to fall apart and he kept singlemindedly running off to retrieve its pieces, with Klaudia steaming ahead, and me dancing about with a fragile cardboard tower and gym bag, and holding hands across roads. My iPhone began at this point to make random trouser calls to people too. Eventually we got down to the taxi rank outside the station, we drove to my place were we leapt out, eventually found Anton's keys, and then I taxied back to Anton's place.

Everything else went more or less according to plan and Lorraine arrived at bedtime after toothbrushing to help with story-reading duties. Oskar and I read one about snow. When Anton got home, he cooked some of his famous pizzas, which Lorraine and I scarfed hungrily. A pleasant chat before Lorraine drove us home.

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