Saturday, April 07, 2012

Off to Kent

Off to Kent this morning with Beth and Lorraine, to see Lorraine's folks. Lorraine's car had been broken into, however. Luckily only a few CDs and the SatNav had been taken, and the car was otherwise undamaged.

Nice drive and Maureen being particularly funny describing Lorraine's cousin's twins, who had rampaged around her house the day before. All off to the local pub, Hooden on the Hill, for a (strangely) Mexican flavoured repast, somewhat at odds with the bunches of traditional dried Kentish hops hanging from the ceiling.

A relaxed afternoon, with an old friend of Lorraine's, Sharon, popping in to see Maureen and Pat. Some old videos were found, and I saw Sam in Lorraine's arms as a little baby, and Pat's 60th birthday party, where Beth was just a little dancing poppet of about two, with Sam scooting about as a little boy. An odd sensation being able to open such a vivid window into Lorraine's past. And not entirely comfortable either, seeing your partner in a world where you are completely unknown.

Fond farewells, and then a long journey home, with me watching a huge orange moon rising. Quite a magical sight that followed us home, Betty snoozing in the backseat.

Below some contemporary cave art, I spotted under a bridge in Ashford, near where Pat and Maureen live.

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