Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lorraine's birthday

Lorraine's birthday today. I gave her my present, which was an iPad, and she literally cried with happiness which was good to see. She had loads of cards to open too.

Up for a breakfast, I had Crastor kippers, which were wonderful. Understandably Lorraine and I had a rather delicate start to the day. But once we were up and running, we decided to take ourselves to Alnwick Gardens, which are spectacular as you can glean from some of the photos below.

The rain held off. We had just emerged from the bamboo labyrinth when we bumped into Lorraine's pal Jess and Andrew, plus Jess's daughters and mother in law. This completely random as we were all over 350 miles from home. Met them in the cafe later for birthday cake and coffee. It was a real treat for Lorraine to have Jess just appear. It was our third coincidental event of the weekend. Lorraine absolutely loved being in the gardens. It was really well designed, with an amusing tour around deadly plants, and a lovely walled garden, huge cascades.

From there we popped home before going out in the evening to celebrate again with Kate, Matt Hindley, Tom, Craig and Mel, and some American pals of Craig's in a pub known locally as The Dirty Bottles, on account of their being ancient dirty bottles sealed into the front window. Really good night out, ending up with a curry. Loads of talking. Lorraine very happy all day, which was great to see.

Below the view as you enter the gardens, in the walled garden, inside the bamboo labyrinth, Lorraine on a rope bridge, and a Tolkeinesque tree house.

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