Saturday, April 21, 2012

Craig and Mel get wed

Lorraine and my B&B is called Orinsay, and we had a good night’s sleep. Reading Jung in bed and his discussion of synchronicity and coincidence. Breakfast was delicious and even included haggis alongside local sausages, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes.  All ingredients excellent. Lorraine and I chatting to Ian, a pal of Craig and Mel’s who was staying at Orinsay too. He mentioned Strand on the Green where Matt, Graeme and Kate live (and I lived for many years) and I happened to glance above his head and noticed that the painting above his head was of Strand on the Green and Kew Bridge.Quite a coincidence.
Lorraine walked in the castle grounds, shopped and later found a cafe for a light lunch. Waiting for Lorraine outside a nosebleed inducing  shop, I turned around and realised I was looking at the shop of Gordon Caris who mends watches and clocks, the shop only opens two days a week, Thursdays and Fridays and was empty as today was a Saturday. Gordon Caris is the name of my real father’s brother, I have seen neither of them since I was about five. I idly googled their names a few years ago, and the only name that showed up is this one, and of course I had forgotten all about it. Felt like the second coincidence of the day. I looked at in at all the timepieces in the empty shop, and wondered what would have happened if he were in there, and he was the same Gordon Caris that was my uncle.
So, stepping back from my personal Jung world. Lorraine and I squeezed into our dresses and suit. Lorraine blagged a ride in the taxi with First Matie and Nicola who staying across the road and I walked off to the Castle where Mel and Craig were having their wedding. Beautiful place, and stunning venue for a wedding. Drinks reception outside in the courtyard, and then the wedding itself.
Mel looked beautiful, and Craig was very smart. They had written their own vows, and when Craig declared his love for Mel, Nicola, First Matie and Christina who were sat in the row before Lorraine and I, simultaneously picked up their hankies and cried. There was a tear in my eye too, and of course Lorraine’s. They are a wonderful couple.
Then after photographs, we all went to our tables. Delicious food and Matt made a very good job of his speech. Matt Hindley had written to everyone from the Queen to Obama inviting them to the wedding. And had received replies from Prince Charle’s office and from Will’s and Kate’s office, which he read out. Most of the Americans thought it was an example of British humour, and were astonished by the fact they really had replied.
I had been asked to write a poem, which I then read out. This went down better than could have been expected, and there was crying then too, which is always a result (unless it is a marker of just how excruciating your poem is). People very complimentary afterwards and the most important thing was that Mel and Craig liked it.
After this I could relax and enjoyed the company of Robbie and Tom who Lorraine and I were sat near. Then there was more dancing and general cavorting. Lorraine dancing lots too and huge amounts of fun were had. The party was over at Midnight, but the partygoers were mainly still up for it. Lorraine and I found ourselves in a hotel near where we were staying partying until three, before it was time to slope homewards our top hats askew. An excellent wedding.
Below: Craig and Mel, Alnwick Castle where they got married, and looking down from the high ground near the castly onto the River Aln.

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