Friday, April 13, 2012

Apps and snacks

I always notice it being Friday the 13th. Not that anything remarkable ever seems to happen, thankfully.

Instead Anton came by this morning to help me set up my iPhone. Downloaded apps such as the Guardian, which, for a few quid, updates itself on your iPone all year, plus things that let you look at the stars and tells you exactly what you are looking at, apps that update all the train times for the commutes I do, local bus apps. There is a whole world of information that is available only to people with iGadgets. Anton my Virgil into the app world.

By lunchtime Lorraine mysteriously tiring of iPhone talk, and it seems to me that she may actually prefer some of my recent discourses about paleoanthropology. Anton made off into the sunny day, and in the afternoon Lorraine and I did a big pre-party shop for the beano we are having tomorrow. Feel vaguely like an alcoholic wheeling out of Sainsburys with beers and spirits and mixers and so on, not to mention party snackage.

In the evening Sam and Beth, back from Spain were home for supper. Sam looking brown and handsome, but with his wrist still in a protector. Lorraine excelling herself with a lovely curry. Beth talking about eating lots of octopuses in Spain. Cephalopods fear her.

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