Thursday, April 12, 2012


Lorraine lying in bed this morning, listing the things that need to be done, which is how to holiday the Lorraine way. We got up and did these in a frenzy until Sonia, our Romanian once a week cleaner came by. Sonia is a nice woman, whose English is greatly improving from the mutual incomprehension of our first encounters. She is going on holiday to Greece soon, I'd quite like a holiday one day too.

Still a dearth of freelance work. I was in touch with another friend in the industry who places freelancers in jobs, who told me freelance work was thin on the ground at the moment.

Lorraine and I off to town to visit the cobblers, look a little half-heartedly for earrings and so on. And as my crackberry was well past its sell by date, I was able at last to join the 21st century and upgrade my phone for the latest iPhone. Doing swipey movements with my fingers and blowharding about apps is clearly the future. L and I reflecting on how if we had gone back in time an iPhone would have seemed like magic: that you could take photos, listen to a library of music, play games, point it at the stars and name them etc. etc. from something slimmer than a packet of cigarettes. Lorraine and I off to the Bath Arms for lunch, where were served by a very friendly German girl, who was full of enthusiasm for iPhones seeing my box fresh baby. Rather a nice shepherds pie in there too.

In the evening back into town to meet Bob in the Cricketers, and Anton popped in too. Nice evening, and funny seeing Anton and Bob in each other's company again for the first time in years, under the stuffed stags heads of the pub. Nice too that Lorraine is very fond of both of them. Bob, Lorraine and I went off to scarf a pizza express pizza. There was a silent projection of a 1960s Italian black and white film against the wall, and it was making me nostalgic for Italy. Then into the bar at Bob's hotel, the my hotel in town, before lurching home after a cheery day.

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