Tuesday, April 03, 2012


My recent interest in paleoanthropology is producing strange dreams. Woke up this morning after dreaming of myself as some kind of cave man. I was able to see my face which was mine, but more primitive somehow. Could see it clearly as I woke up.

Broke off from working to wash gravel and add it to the tank. Suddenly feeling quite holidayish. Betty and her pal Kayleigh popped in while I did this, and it was good to talk to them. Kayleigh has just taken her exam to be a dance teacher.

After work, off to meet Matt in the Shakey's Head for an overdue catch up. Matt recovering from a cold and has longer hair than I've seen him with. I think composers should have long hair, especially if they conduct their own work. Our plans for this year are fairly modest, due to an absence of funding and time, but that doesn't stop us assembling new material. However there will be a concert of Matt's new choir in June who will do some of our work, and possibly another in October to look forward to. He finalising the last few bars of his setting of The Boy Who Fell Upwards for a tenor and is pleased with it. Good to see him.

Gary has asked to stay in the Twitten for another six months, which means I don't have to re-advertise it and so on, which is excellent news.

Then off to meet Anton in the Caxton for a serious chat and a less serious game of pool. Great place for a game of pool as it is free to play. Then home to find Lorraine, Beth and Kayleigh chatting on the sofas. And so to bed.

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First Mate said...

Your recent interest in paleoanthropology has coincidentally overlapped my new one interest in paleoanthropology. What a strange coincidence.

Mine was triggered by discovering a series of 6 (count 'em) books of fiction, but very well research, by Jean M. Auel called the Earth's Children series. They are wonderful to read. Set 35,000 years ago and basically, they are all about cave men (and cave ladies). I think you would like them.