Sunday, April 08, 2012


Easter Sunday. Woke up with a new idea for a business flavoured project in my head. Then Lorraine and I off to Henfield, where Dawn is currently staying at her parent's place. Had tea and coconut and chocolate chip buns, freshly cooked by Dawn, and after a long and illuminating chat about the meaning of life, set off for a short walk on the hills behind the village. Overcast day, and Lorraine and Dawn pulling too many faces to be photographed. Lovely views towards the South Downs. Then home to Dawn's place again for more tea in the back garden, which was full of birdsong. Blackbirds mating in the next garden, the brazen beasts.

Conceived the idea of living in Henfield for a while, and tried to imagine if I would go mad in the country. At least I could shoot things with a shotgun. Then we visited the local farm shop and bought produce including an aromatic bag of oyster mushrooms to drive back to the city with.

Home to chill out with Beth in the afternoon, watching Toy Story. In the evening we roused ourselves to slope up the road to The Signalman, where we had a cheeky beer, and Betty handed in her CV angling for work there over the summer. Cheery evening, and the headache that I had sported for two days, simply dissipated with the first sip of a rather nice beer called Iron Horse.

Below a glance over my shoulder at the path we'd taken near Henfield.

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