Monday, April 23, 2012

Goodbye to Alnwick

Another fantastic breakfast. I think with all the wedding food (marvellous lamb) the amazing breakfasts not to mention the beers that I have put on lots of weight in the last few days. Orinsay was a nice B&B and Lorraine and I were already discussing coming again, but this time with a car to go beyond the town.

A cheery taxi driver who drove us to the station, pointing out that all the signs to the nearby village of Shilbottle had been assiduously altered by local youths to read Shitbottle, apparently they have also altered roadsigns on the A1 too.

The train smelled of drains but otherwise the journey home quite good, with Lorraine swiping at her iPad. Felt relaxed tubing across London. Lorraine and I were home before 5pm. It was good to be home too, which is nice to know. We both felt like we had been on a holiday -- albeit a rather drink sodden one--with lots of friends. Lorraine and I feeling very happy with each other, which is excellent.

Nice to eat a quorn stir fry tonight, with lots of fresh vegetables, then a much needed early night.

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