Friday, April 06, 2012

Beers in the Batty

Up early to buy some green paint, for no Easter is complete without a spot of DIY. At lunchtime into town where we met Anton, Klaudia and Oskar. We did some milling about in the Brighton Food Fair, which was filling the air in New Road with sizzles and mouthwatering aromas. Curiously we didn't eat any.

Went to the Pavilion Gardens, had a cup of tea and I played a good deal with my Godchildren, especially Klaudia who was demanding to be carried about a good deal. Then off to The Battle of Trafalgar, where we sat in the garden in the back and sipped a beer before Anton took the bairns home. A warm and lovely day, before the sun set.

Lorraine and I waited for a short while before being joined by Paul and his son VJ. VJ being a reading prodigy at 7 or 8 and already an expert in train and tram stations. Then Betty and Amy arrived, to make for an eclectic gathering. But good to see Paul, who was his usual characterful self. After Paul left, Lorraine and I continued to refresh ourselves with Amy and Betty in the Batty for a bit, before I suddenly badly needed a curry in our local restaurant. Here we sat in the window, listening to one of the friendly waiters who has just passed his PhD tell Lorraine about the job he is going for in green science.

Sitting in the window, and were able to wave and grin at Cath who was on her way to a date. Home to the gold sofa, and uninhibited snoozing.

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