Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Early riser

More torrential rain today. I woke up at 5AM and was wide awake, so got up and began work by 6.00. Funny to be working for hours, and to realise that it is only 8:45. Ventured out to go to the gym, and buy Oskar some belated Lego-based birthday presents. Home again and generally faffed about in an unfocused way. Was pleasingly booked for some days work up in London. This splendid news for the beleaguered Kenny coffers.

After cooking for Lorraine and chatting when she got home, I sauntered up to Anton's place for an hour or so, before taxiing to the London Unity pub where Richard and Dipak were open-micing some new sonnets. Dipak's birthday today too. All three Shakeys songs excellent, though hot off the press. Had a nice chat with Steve Cartwright who was there too. He said that the lyrics I sent him for The Sumerian Kyngs, (called I think, The Dance of Horses) some time ago are now about to transform into a song, which may be unleashed on an unsuspecting world on Saturday night.

Steve is also keen on shooting clay pigeons and invited me along with him.

Home late, and tired.

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