Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flying in the face of the natural order

So up with the things that wake larks up, after having yet more tangeld dreams featuring ghosts. As wll as nightmares, sleep was interrupted a burst of heavy hail thundering on the roof, by the Basil fighting with the BBC*, then an episode shortly before dawn of crazed keening from a nest of nearby seagulls. Lorraine up hideously early but I did get a hideously early cup of tea, which improved things a good deal.

Raining steadily for most of the day, as befits an English drought. Working on the New Idea and waiting for a brief which finally arrived at 5pm. There's nothing like sitting about Waiting for Godot all day to work my nerve.

Cheered in the evening by talking with Lorraine and Dawn, who popped by to give L a present. Then when Dawn skipped off, Lorraine and I scored a cheeky takeaway and settled down to watch Chelsea play the world's greatest football team, Barcelona, in the semi-final of the European Champions League.

Amazingly, by a display of defensive resillience plus loads of luck and one outstanding goal, Chelsea won. This flying in the face of the natural order of things incredibly cheering. Chelsea have a return leg in Barcelona next week of course, where they will almost certainly be put to the sword. But a jolly good show by the chaps.

*Bastard Black Cat

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