Monday, April 16, 2012

Back on The New Idea

Getting my act together today. Trying to finishing the poem I shall be delivering at Craig's wedding next weekend. There is a worrying potential for looking like a huge buffoon, especially as there will be several writers there. Also working more on The New Idea for a business book which pleasingly is taking shape. Nicola called me to say I have a smidge of work later in the week which is good.

Otherwise I maintained a low profile, apart from a trip to the shops. Also scrabbling about on my back for some times trying to fix our kitchen island, which is on wheels one of which has inexplicably come off. 

Lorraine's first day at her new school today, and she seemed to enjoy. At the moment she is doing two days as week there, and then doing her existing job for three. This will change as time progresses. I cooked tonight and it was just nice to hang out chatting. I let Lorraine play Angry Birds on the iPhone this evening, which kept her busy for hours. Those things are addictive.

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