Saturday, April 14, 2012

Party time

Lorraine's birthday is next weekend, but we will be in Northumberland.

So today we had a party which kicked off officially at 8:00pm but by 5:30 we were having our now traditional pre-party party with early arrivals, an old friend of Lorraine’s called Lesley who is a headteacher. Plus Sarah and Matt and their children, then Betty's pals started to arrive, and First Matie showed up and the party effortlessly moved from pre-party to the first hour of the party, which of course was the quietest. Sam looking incredibly dapper. Di and Adrian arrived with some grandchildren, one of whom introduced various sweets and peanuts into one of the fishtanks, but these were fished out with no harm done. I felt sorry for the kids, who looked very guilty afterwards.

Anton and Brian, Wayne, Matt and John, Dawn and Denise, Richard and Glenda, Richard and Maria Grazia, Steve Cartwright and many more. A very pleasant and affectionate night, with Beth breaking into song, and Cath producing a lovely cake for Lorraine, and a rousing happy birthday sung.

We ended up with a full house and another rocking party. We do seem to have splendid ones. I spent much of the night engaged in my patented Tom Jones on acid dancing, luckily I there was hours of dancing. The evening ended with Lorraine, First Matie and I as the bitter enders, before slumping off to bed.

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