Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Zonk out

Diet gradually returning to normal, with quorn sausages this morning to start. Pat and Maureen driven off to the station at noon. I am rocking a Donnegal Tweed cap at the moment, and Pat has given me a few insightful cap-wearer's hints such as to leave your cap in your coat pocket when you're visiting someone. Fond farewells.

Then off to see The Gandeys, nice to see Richard and Glenda, and of course young Mark. An undertow of awkward there given that Mark and Beth have broken up. Mark wanted to show me something on his computer and his screensaver was of him and his new girlfriend for example. Beth conducting herself with poise. Nevertheless good to see them, before we zoomed off to a nearby shopping centre to struggle in the crowds in the sales. I could find nothing to buy.

Home, and Lorraine's old pals Sue and John popped in. They were down from the Cotswolds seeing various people in Brighton. A nice chat with them. After they left a greatly zonk out, eating salmon and watching undemanding TV. Liver and kidneys revelling in a booze-free day.

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