Friday, December 30, 2011

On reflection

Mum's birthday today, had a nice chat with her and Mas and invited myself over to see them next week when I am working up in London. Both sounded cheerful.

Lorraine working all day on her head teacher business, and I worked all day on websites and designing publicity for the CD launch concert. All quite companionable sitting side by side up in the mezzanine office. We broke off only to eat various leftover bits in the fridge. In the evening out to the Shahi for a cheery curry feed with Beth.

This year was a game of two halves. The first half a frenzy of creativity, and the second a decisive move in with Lorraine which is a success. I now think of The Old Church Hall as my home. Otherwise a year that saw me launch a short story in the Guernsey Literary festival, stage two plays in Brighton, record a CD, manage to keep my business on track in a recession, have my house in the Twitten fixed up and rented is definitely successful. The main downside was The Cloud Of Things That Must Be Done, which saw me stretched financially and emotionally for several months. Thank God that cloud has mostly abated.

But in all this frenzy of activity and minimal holiday I have missed time with friends, and family. My ambition for next year is to spend more quality time in with people I love and care about. And it is interesting that one of the things I am proudest of this year is watching Beth shine as a new-fledged comedy actress in Wrong in March. I end the year feeling very lucky, and mindful that my true riches are the people I know.

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