Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Just Lorraine and I at home today. Lorraine sadly continuing to beaver away on her head teacher course, and I helped her a little. Then I flew my new shooting Nazi aircraft game on the Wii, and I watched some Larry Sanders shows, which are utterly brilliant. Like Frazier, all the pieces were in place when the show kicked off.

Lorraine and I just enjoying hanging out together. In the evening off to meet Wayne and Matt in the Tavern. Arriving we found Tanya and Catherine glowing with intelligence, but no quiz. Wayne attempted to negotiate that the Tavern should pay for a six person transport to another pub with a quiz. Instead however we all repaired to the Basketmakers, bumping into Sam and two of his oldest friends who were persistently buying Lorraine drinks. I really like Tanya and Catherine.

Another episode of Larry Sanders show before bedtime.

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