Thursday, December 29, 2011

Goody four shoes

Thank Christ at last I was able to upload information for the PPL for the CD. When I was able to do it, the upload took under two seconds. To get to that point had taken me well over two weeks of frustration and teeth gnashing.

Back to the gym. Felt good to be doing at least something to balance the festive pie-eating booze swilling frenzy. Afterwards after a hasty gym shower with my clothes dangerously unlocked in the changing room, I went shopping, recession style. I bought a new cheap watch as my old cheap watch had gone a bit rusty, and two pairs of rather nice shoes as I don't own a pair of shoes that don't leak. One pair a sensible black, the other less sensible brown suede brogues but both so comfortable to wear they are like butterflies kissing your feet.

Bumped into Gary in the shoe shop. I have been bumping into Gary lots. He was in the pub yesterday too. Then met up with Lorraine, Sam and Beth. Sam nursing a hangover. Lorraine and I paused to stroke iPads in the apple shop. Then I bought Lorraine a sensible work bag on wheels and then I simply went home, leaving Lorraine and her bairns to go for a meal together.

A blissful couple of hours for me snickering at Larry Sanders with the cats. Followed by a quiet evening with Lorraine and Beth, watching various comedies on TV.

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