Saturday, December 31, 2011


A day of work today, helping Lorraine with her ghastly head teacher stuff, and working on building a new website for AnotherSun Recordings.

Went to the gym this afternoon, was there for an hour. I am officially festively plump, and am keenly anticipating more rational eating and drinking.

Chelsea lost again today.

But the workout was good and New Year's Eve had to be attended to. Went to the Basketmakers where Matt and Wayne were, as well as Sam and Gary who introduced me as his landlord to his new girlfriend. It is a strange situation given that Gary is Lorraine's ex-husband. But it all works out fine, all very Brighton.

Soon our party was joined by Guy and Tim and other friends and I found myself kissed by men wearing caps. I don't mind except when they are too beardy. (I am currently smooth faced). Generally a good night, lots of chat with Matt about the Opera we are going to write, and then most folks left and Rosie arrived. She said she was drunk enough to do her party trick, which was a mime of threading a needle and pushing it through her cheek and getting me to pull the invisible thread.

Got an email on my Blackberry from Toby in Quito, Ecuador, and swapped emails in the pub. Marvellous this new fangled technology. The hour came round at last, and general hugs kisses and handshakes. 2012 yippee! etc. Everyone pulled their party poppers which exploded showering litter over everyone. Mine was a dud. Hope this isn't an omen.

Walking home we came upon some youths stripped to the waist fighting in London Road one boy briefly being given a kicking when he went down. Lorraine checked to see if he was okay and I followed the other one and called the police. But everyone had melted away before the sirens were heard. We mooched home with Lorraine steering me past the attractions of Ace Pizza.

And so to bed. Happy New Year everyone!

Below a photo from Joan in Ontario of Lucky Jim following everyone on the morning walk in the woods. Now that's a festive shot...

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