The last dregs

Manacled to my desk again. Light rain. The first April showers of the month in fact, on the 28th. 

Meanwhile in my bunker Keith and I clawed our way to the end of the job. He was in a poor mood, with no obvious cause. Soon, however, The Gods of Software supplied one. An hour or so before we were supposed to do our final presentation his Adobe design programme went mad, threatening our six days of work. After an hour Keith managed to sort it out -- bead of sweat emoji -- and we presented. Our idea was accepted over that of the other team working on the brief -- I suspect they had been hard pressed for time.

At six Robin and I did a spot of recording for the new episode which will feature LeAnne Howe, talking about Native Nations writing and so on. Finished recording with Robin, then had to do a bit more on the freelance job. This managed to empty out the last dregs of my brain.

Dimly happy, however, that another stint was over. I got paid for the work I did in March too so all well for now at least. Talked to Lorraine, who had a challenging day at school, and we crept onto he sofa and watched a little comforting TV till bedtime -- with Lorraine also quietly playing her Nintendo Switch. 

However, in the no rest for the wicked department, the scaffolding people are arriving first thing tomorrow.