Robin bosses it

Poor Lorraine streaming with hay fever in the night, and her tooth, which is being treated with antibiotics, uncomfortable too.

Up early. One of the wins of the day came from Robin who wrote a marvellous letter to the CEO of the translation centre, who had asked us to feature the Sarah McGuire Prize, which led to me interviewing Yang Lian, Brian Holton, and Alireza Abiz, and budding a whole podcast episode around it. Despite tweeting them with the episode, tweeting another request to their twitter account about the episode, writing in a forthright way to the woman I had been dealing with and then seeing my note forwarded to the social media manager, no finger was lifted to promote the episode which was all about them. 

After Robin wrote to them, being generally boss, we got a wonderful apology from the CEO and then from the social media manager -- and a promise to feature the episode in forthcoming publicity. Robin was ace, and I was reminded again of not pussyfooting around the issue and going straight to the top. Keith also was pretty forthright with our client today, which made me cringe a little but he was right and it got me the result I wanted. I learned from that too. Why is, I wonder, do I always have to learn the same lessons over and over again?

Otherwise a little less frenzied today, an 8:30 start with time for a saunter in the outside world in my lunch hour. I sent the last bits off to the creative director at 6.00 then chatted and did a spot of recording with Robin before dinner at seven, which Sam had made.  Finished off with the remains of Anton's cheesecake. Lorraine, Jade and I then watched the movie Thor. Again I enjoyed this. Undemanding with lots of cgi punch ups, but the dialogue mildly amusing too.