Got there

So the culmination of much hard work today. Another eight-ish start with Keith and working on the new concepts with Keith after yesterday's redeployment of the goalposts. Met with the CD in the middle of the day, and then presented the ideas at 5, and was all done by 6:30. At the same time I uploaded the translation episode of Planet Poetry with the interviews with Lian, Alireza and Brian up, after Robin made a couple of tweaks this morning. Also heard from my accountant and have scheduled in a chat about tax, IR 35 and restructuring my business next week. 

Lorraine gradually looking less tired and I'm trying to encourage her to prioritise unwinding. She is playing a new game on her Nintendo Switch, which is called My Time At Portia.

Felt tired but very relieved afterwards. A couple of beers in the evening, and sat chatting with Jade in the kitchen as she finished off cooking, cinders style. A cheery evening, and Lorraine, Jade and I watched Frasier episodes and laughed aloud.  I am always amazed at how the first series of Frasier is so perfect from the off. It is like spending time with old friends.