Oskar is 15

New briefing this morning. However I got up with the larks and walked over to Anton's place and managed to catch Oskar, whose fifteenth birthday it was today. He is now observably taller than Anton, and will soon have a helicopter view of the area of concern on the top of my head before long. 

Nice to mooch back through the park. Stopped to look at tadpoles in the pond by the cafe for a moment. 

Then it was all business and no play. Another vague briefing. Keith and I puzzling on it and scratching out some first ideas during the day. Also a chat with a nice guy called Amir from the agency we are working with re the IR 35 malarkey. Having to upload some bits during the day too, for the new business account I have started. Quite nice to finish, and go for a short saunter up to the top of the hill, to give me a good day's walking.  

Lorraine with a bad tooth, and taking painkillers. Jade cooked a nice curry tonight. 

Otherwise all quiet in Kenny Towers.

Below: tadpoles in Preston Par. A photo of Oskar would have been nice. But did I think to take one? No.