A walk with Jade into Wild Wood

Spent much of the morning doing hideous things related to banking and tax and business and all that other stuff that makes me feel anxious but has to be done. Also some admin and so on.

In the afternoon, however, a nice walk with Jade up to the top of the Hill then down through Wild Wood. Jade really cheerful to be going somewhere new and taking some snaps here and there. Good to walk with her, and she is really springy up hills and so on as she does lots of running these days. Enjoyed having her to talk to about all manner of subjects on my daily saunter. Snapped her standing on the wall of the hill fort on the way back. A beautiful day.

Arriving home it seemed rude not to have a glass of cold lager sitting in the taverna by the scaffolding. It was plenty warm enough. Then I cooked dinner which was fun. Lorraine, Jade and I then watched Iron Man 2, which though silly was great fun.

Below Jade on the hill fort wall.