Another quiet Sunday

Up fairly early, and feeling slightly wan after staying up late with Sam and Jade. Lorraine off to Paul the hairdresser this morning, then stopped off to see Beth and then took her car to the carwash. I took the opportunity to do some reading: John Cage's Essay On Nothing which is an essay structured like music -- and more of a book called Caste by Isabel Wilkerson, which is looking at race in America through the lens of caste. 

I also had a long chat with Mum, who has been blinking in a friendly way at a fox and said that Ben across the road had taught a dog to wink. I am going to go up to see them the week after next. 

Lorraine returned sporting a longer, swishier style than usual. After some lunch we took a turn walking around Blaker's park this afternoon. People quaffing and eating outside The Cleveland Arms. Lots of cooking this evening, and the gradual emergence of Sam and Jade. The week rounded off with Lorraine, Jade and I watching Frasier and an early night.