Sunburnt in Steyning

 Lorraine and I off today to Steyning to hang out in the field behind Dawn's house on chairs with Dawn, Anton, Rosie and Innis. A cool but sunny day, and when I got back home Lorraine and I both had glowing red faces with sunburn. Just ace to be chatting with old friends again, celebrating Lorraine's birthday this week. Anton bought one of his impeccable Polish baked cheesecakes, and Rosie brought a delicious salad full of all manner of goodies, Dawn baked one of her famous flans shaped with rice instead of flour, and we drank a few drinks and generally caught up with one another. Anton said it was the furthest he had been outside Brighton for half a year.  It is the simple pleasures of seeing friends that is so important. 

Innis and Anton discussing playing cards in enthusiastic detail.  Lovely village field, with people walking their dogs, and one neighbour who knew Dawn, coming to tell us about his newish dog in even more enthusiastic detail for at least ten minutes. 

Spoke to Mum today and we are going to meet up next weekend. Which will be the first time we have seen each other not on a screen since the last day of October 2020. I am really looking forward to it.

Below Rosie and Innis hiding their faces, and Anton and Dawn.