Seal of approval

So up this morning and chatted with Darren the roofer, who was able to do a good repair on the door lock, and would pay for the decking damage. That's the way to get customers and ensure people recommend him on. Nice chap. 

Texts from Toby today. Toronto cases very high and full of variants -- a lockdown there. He is worried that Romy has to be so busy and go unjabbed. 

Not long after, the two cheery Geordie roofer lads came to finish off the job, and leaving Sam with them,  Lorraine, Jade and I hopped in the car and made off to the River Adur, a little nearby river where we found a parking spot and met Rosie and Innis and went for a walk along the riverbank and had a bit of a picnic. Great to see them both, who were seeming okay, although it has been a  long hard winter of discontent for everyone I think. Jade happy to talk to Rosie and Innis, as new people.

A seal popped up from the water bold as brass which Rosie saw first. Obviously by the time I had gathered my wits about me to video it, I managed to capture it submerging. However as we walked back it popped up a few times a bit further away.  You don't wake up in the morning and think you are going to see a seal. 

We passed a pub garden on the riverbank, with loads of tables. So we snuck in and had a glass of beer. Not the friendliest atmosphere inside, and you had to sign in and wear masks etc when collecting your beer from the empty bar, but it was nice to have a cheeky beer. April 17th, and my first pub-bought pint of 2021.   

Lorraine then drove me off Anton's mid afternoon, and we walked down to the sea with boules in a bag. However the boules area was rammed, so we simply walked back to Anton's garden and sat in the sun and chatted, and listened to music and ate some fries Anton made, and a couple of cold lagers and all was well.

I sauntered back to home where jade had cooked a pasta dish and all was well with the world. Lorraine, Jade and I ended up watching the movie Iron Man. Having scorned these Marvel Movies a bit, I find I am quite enjoying them in a light and escapist sort of way.   

Below two seconds of a seal submerging... And bench with the legend, Take a seat ... it'd be rude not to,  Lorraine, Jade and Rosie and Innis about to drink a pint.