A bit of a slog

A slog today. Making adjustments to the podcast, and sending that off to Robin at the end of the day. Also working hard on the stuff with Keith, doing a presentation mid day. A senior planner involved this time, who was on holiday before, and he simply wanted the whole thing to go in a different direction. So back to the drawing board, although some of the original concepts were still liked. Also lots of talk between me and Keith about what the IR 35 means. I am going to have to make quite a few adjustments if my business can continue. By the end of the day I felt exhausted and roundly fed up.

On the plus side I had a really nice chat with First Matie, who called me at lunchtime, where I had taken he opportunity for a walk. She has had a horrid year of it, bless her. Due to her epilepsy diagnosis she cannot drive, and has got a job in the co-op for a bit which is nearby. It will help her get to know some locals more, and Ian -- bless his cotton socks -- is being an absolute brick.  

I bought some chips from Jennys this evening and had cold chicken and hot chips and sauerkraut as a kind of comfort food. Lorraine saw Pat and Maureen today, driving off to Kent. This means I had an unexpected Christmas present, a parker pen and self propelling pencil, and a lovely notebook in which Maureen had written Hi Pete, Merry Christmas Enjoy your writing, Love Maureen and Pat. Felt extremely touched by this.  

Just happy to sit with Lorraine on the gold sofa this evening, watching Masterchef. Looking forward tomorrow, when I can finish the work I am doing for a little bit.