Mane event

Nosebleeds morning, finding out about new bank accounts, and what I need to do business wise, now that I am folding the Ltd company down and reverting back to being a sole trader. I always think Soul Traders would make a good name for a band. Did  bit of poetry stuff, and sent assorted emails. Spoke to Anton about fixing walls, and had an alarming few moments when Sam came to tell me that the overflow pipe on the boiler was gushing water.  

In the afternoon I strolled into town and met up with Chris Williams for a cup of coffee and a chat. He has been researching family history during the lockdown, and making stained glass. A bit of a walk about town, before I boofed into Clippers Barbers, where Stacey,  despite complaining that he didn't know where to start and that his arms ached, he managed to tame the bedraggled Kenny mane.  I snapped before and after pictures.

Sauntered home through Preston Park and arrived home soon to be joined by an early Lorraine. We idled on the gold sofa as Jade cooked for us downstairs in a bit of a Cinderella style.  

Lorraine watched Call the Midwife, all the shots of people talking were hilarious, with people's blurry shoulders in the foreground as they socially distanced during production. That'll be something to look back on in future times. Then a few Frasier episodes and then bed.