The colour of the sea

Another gruelling day for Lorraine, having to set parent's expectations, home to emergency zoom meetings in the evening too. Huge amounts to deal with, and anxious parents to be spoken to. It seems to me that she has responsibility for the wellbeing of the school, and much of the community too. She is doing brilliantly, but already feels exhausted having worked through a highly stressful weekend.

A much better night's sleep. Got to my desk to find still-warm cat spew under my chair. Had another recording session with Robin which was much better today, and we had a good laugh doing it. Spent hours editing the podcast. Interrupted only by a long walk, Calliope coughing up a fur ball on my desk and chats with Mum who is still doing fine. I told her I was looking forward to someone sticking a large needle into her and Mas soon. 

Meanwhile Anton who had a heart check up today he was slightly dreading, which lead to unprecedented behaviour of him eating couscous and veggies, and shunning booze and caffeine. However all was well, which is good news.

And after L and I ate my comfort food: spaghetti, I simply pressed on with work, and wrote to my old pal Mario who we will feature on the Podcast this week, till Lorraine's zoom meeting was over. Then, still inexplicably, we both enjoyed an episode of Death in Paradise. Just the colour of the sea was nice.