Gaming day

All about games today, which Lorraine said would do me good. We played the Nintendo Switch, driving about like maniacs on Mario carts which I like a lot, and starting a quest on Zelda, Link's Awakening. This is what Lorraine and Beth call a bimbling game, where you nimble about a beautiful environment on quests. We had a laugh doing this only to break off for a cheeky walk around Blaker's park. But everywhere busy with people doing the same thing.  

A day where there were no urgent calls for Lorraine to deal with thank God, and I fell asleep this afternoon too, and felt quite drained. I think I was relaxing.

Lorraine made a delicious fish pie this evening. Then a zoom call with Beth and James, and played Linkee down the line with them, which was fun. Beth now doing cross stitch too, and loving it. She and James seem happy. It is lovely to see.

A supportive note from Rhona about Planet Poetry

Went to bed, but then I lay awake for hours.