Quietly magnificent

A good night's sleep and much perkier. Dawn called by and dropped off a bag of herbal medicine creams and so on for Lorraine. Stood outside chatting with her for a little. Lorraine's whole day until 7:30 consumed with school stuff and being quietly magnificent as she prepares to reopen tomorrow. Beacon of truth and scientific rigour Boris Johnson declared 'schools are safe'. Starmer proposed a national lockdown starting tomorrow, SAGE advisers think going back to school is a bad idea too. I expect Johnson to dither for another week, racking up tens of thousands of more infections, before doing the right thing. My powerlessness at this time makes me feel very stressed. All I can do is support Lorraine as best I can. Heroes led by donkeys. 

Took myself for a walk to the usual places, and just the boon of some exercise made me feel a lot better. I continued to organise things in my study, and do filing and so on. It feels good. Made a Guernsey bean jar today, its aromatic fingers reachingall over the house like Pepé Le Pew in reverse. Ate a hearty bowlful tonight, with plenty of white pepper, a slice of chewy brown bread and a glass of red wine.

A couple of snaps from today's walk.