Shown the feather

Wide awake at five today, and as soon as L was getting up, keenly checking the news from Washington. Astonishing to hear unrepentant Trumpists without shame or regrets. This morning, Biden's victory has been rubber stamped by the senate, although there were still shameful Republicans calling the result into question. Meanwhile the orange devil has belatedly been silenced by social media platforms at least for a short while. 

This led to a couple of podcast shenanigans, with Robin understandably wanting to remove a tiny bit when we were laughing about Trump's will-he won't-he business. Otherwise the episode is listenable here. Mario is a profound guy these days and his interview is genuinely interesting. 

Feeling edgy this morning. Not helped by news about covid surging, democracy teetering, I took myself off for an early walk which helped. Lorraine battling off to school again first thing. 

When you do a similar walk often, it is amazing how everything looks different everyday, even if it just about how cloying the mud is, or something you notice about the plants, or what the sky and light are doing. I stood and watched a beautiful jay which was only a few paces away from me. I had never been so close to one before, as they are usually wary. It was only when I attempted to snap it with my phone did it show me the feather and push off.  

Attempted actual writing this afternoon, but a Person from Porlock in Penis Man's garden spent hours power sawing what must have been a giant redwood, and it was so irritating that it ruined my concentration.

A quick chat with Mum and Mas this evening. They are okay, and two of Mum's mates around the corner have already had their jabs. Mum and Mas must surely have their's soon.

Chicken wings in woof woof sauce tonight, a gift from Anton, and good mouth burny fun. Watched Home for Christmas on TV. This is a great little Norwegian series, but you must watch it in Norwegian with subtitles, rather than the dubbed US voices which are all wrong. Had a glass of Norwegian spirit Aquavit (also a gift from Anton) to go with it. Also a brand new episode of Death In Paradise which Lorraine and I were actually looking forward to.

Hill top snaps from yesterday....