A tiny man under a tiny moon

Icy rain this morning, and Facebook full of pictures of people north of here enjoying the snow. Not a flake on Kenny Towers though.  A nice breakfast of avocado and crispy bacon on toast. A spot of tidying up, laundry, floor mopping and so on. Lorraine enjoying her exploration of the beautiful underground wonderland in a game called Pode for quite a while.

Chuffed as Tess is setting up a business as a professional proofreader, and said she could practise proofing on a bit of my stuff. This prompted me to gather some of my short stories with a view to getting some of them properly read for errors.

In the afternoon I went for a quick stroll up the hill listening to Bleak House while I did so. I then came home to pick up Lorraine for a quick stroll around the neighbourhood. We bumped into Simon and his wife for a chat, but it was uncomfortable with people trying to come through on the pavement. A quick circuit of Blaker's Park, and past the closed down pubs The Cleveland and The Preston Park Tavern. Beautiful blue sky this afternoon which raised spirits.

Lorraine cooked roast pork this evening, and it was delicious. Finding it harder to discover good things to watch now on TV, having watched so much of the bloody stuff. However, I we are enjoying the second season of Staged with Michael Sheen and David Tennant on BBC iPlayer. In some ways it is the perfect comedy for our time.

Below a tiny man under a tiny moon. And a cloud.